Privacy Policy

Who we are?

Intertrain UK Ltd is a private training provider that provides both Government and commercial funded training programmes. As such, Intertrain UK Ltd is a ‘Data Controller’ and we have nominated the Head of the Compliance Department as the primary contact point with any questions concerning how we record, process, store and delete your personal information.


What information do we collect from you?

We will only collect the information needed to process the type of training you wish to engage in. The information that we need to take may slightly differ from course to course depending on the sector of the training course, for example we might need to collect your National Insurance number to prove you are eligible to access Government funding – however, for commercially funded courses – this will not be necessary. Typical data collection points are but not limited to are; contact detail forms, funding application forms, safety critical booking forms.

We ask companies for an email address to process all booking administration. For online bookings, we also ask for an email address and we setup a random password which can be reset at any time.


Why do we collect this information?

We want you to achieve and place high expectations on all our learners. Therefore, we are expected and required to collect certain information that allows us to get to know you better. This also ensures that you are on the correct course based on your needs.

We are also required to monitor your progress and report back to regulating authorities.


Who might we share your information with?

We will only share your information with organisations who require to know what course you are taking and regulate the training industry. This is not an exhaustive list but the type of organisations we may share your information with are; the Government funding body Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), awarding body – who accredited the qualification you are taking and Sentinel. We will not pass your data onto third party organisations for marketing purposes or any other purpose – other than that what is needed to update regulatory bodies such as Sentinel, ESFA and awarding bodies.


What do we do with your information?

Examples of what we do with your information but not restricted to; complete pre-course eligibility checks, create individual learning plans, contact you for quality assurance monitoring purposes, monitor your course progress, apply for Government funding (if applicable), register you with the appropriate awarding body, update rail competence regulators such as Sentinel.

We do not contact learners for marketing reasons.

We do contact companies by email with promotions, special offers and associated products and services they may be interested in. Companies can unsubscribe at any time and they can opt in and opt out on our website and online booking system here.



How long do we keep hold of your information?

We will only keep your information for as long as we have to which has been mandated by regulatory bodies. We’ll keep;

  • Safety critical course information for seven years after you have completed as mandated by the Rail Training Accreditation Scheme Rules (RTAS).
  • ESFA and European Social funded course information is kept until 31/12/30.
  • Awarding body records are kept for up to three years after completing your course.

In other cases, we’ll store personal information for the periods needed for the purposes for which the information was collected or for which it is to be further processed.


How can I access the information you hold about me?

We want to make sure that any personal information we hold about you is up to date. So, if you think your personal information is inaccurate, you can ask us to correct or remove it at no charge to you. There are three methods of contact:

Call us:

Ring 01302 815530:

  • Option 1 Safety Critical training and assessments.
  • Option 2 Government funded training (i.e. Apprenticeships, Study Programme etc)

Ask for the Head of Compliance Department along with the request details.

Email us:

Please contact us via: [email protected]

Write to us:

Intertrain UK Ltd, Compliance Department, Balby Court Business Campus, Balby Carr Bank, Doncaster, DN4 8DE,

When contacting please clearly identify yourself and the information you require, and we may ask you to provide identification to ensure we do not disclose your information to the wrong person.


Finally, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you feel that we are not adhering to the General Data Protection Regulations. You can do this via

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